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Our range of video capture cards will simply astound you! Create your own movie in minutes with our award-winning products! Some of our popular Snazzi products are:

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Storage solutions just when you need it! Innovative products that keep your data compact and safe, utilizing the blistering fast Fire-Wire. Here's a listing of our Snazio products:

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Along with its partner company Emuzed Inc, V One develops MPEG based technologies, such as MPEG-4, that are scalable for optimal customization, provide good QoP (Quality of Presentation) for streaming over wireline & wireless channels by adapting to the available bandwidth, channel & network conditions.

Our Expertise:

  • Audio (MPEG-1/2/4, MP3) & Speech (G.723.1, GSM-AMR)
  • Video (H.263, MPEG-1/2/4)
  • Multimedia systems
  • Streaming Stacks/Protocols
  • Optimal algorithm design & realization (RISC/DSP/Media Processor architectures, Multiple OS platforms)

We provide Products and Turnkey Project Solutions:

  • eMpreSSā„¢ Streaming Server and Client
  • eMuLiteā„¢ Client/Player for portable devices
  • Audio Player (MP3/AAC/WMA) for portable devices
  • Image Codecs (JPEG/GIF)
  • Video Codecs (MPEG-1/2/4)
  • Audio Codecs (MP3/AAC/MPEG-4)
  • Speech Codecs (GSM-AMR/G.723.1)
  • Streaming Stacks (RTP/RTSP based)

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